OK… Here it is everybody!  Finally a blog site to show you my most recent work.  I’ve put together a few different blogs in the past, but finally have one that links up to my web site and will be the permanent one from now on.  I promise to keep you all in the loop and share all of my most recent work.   Here is a quick post I put up of some beautiful images I captured on a shoot out with my dear from Bret Cole.  She is an incredible film photographer that I am so honored to call my friend.  The amazing dancers in the images are all friends that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with.  Jason and Jenn dance for Cirque Du  Soleil’s Love and Noelle is a ballroom dancer in Le Reve.  It’s amazing when I get to capture these beautiful human beings and I feel so proud to know that I was able to share in some magical performances with them.  Thank you for sharing your art and your presence with me my dear friends!!! 🙂  Enjoy and Share!!!

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