A morning shave for the groom at the Mandalay and day spent in the comfort of her own home for the bride.  Jon and Jacqui were married on June 26th in Las Vegas at the Bali Hai Golf Course.

I actually had the honor of working with both Jon and Jacui at the Beatles Love Show at the Mirage.  Amazingly enough, they came to me only months before the wedding date and said they were going to be throwing together a wedding.  Of course I was thrilled to be asked to shoot this wedding.  I mean… you can’t really go wrong with two gorgeous performers! Right?  And Jacqui “threw” together the most incredibly beautiful wedding in about two months.

Every detail was so gorgeous and the day was filled with so much love and laughter.   I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  🙂


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